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Surefire Fat Burning Strategies

Accelerating fat burn an essential step in order to get the toned body we desire. It might seem like there are few things that can be done to get the results we want but this is not entirely true. Check out a few proven strategies to get rid of fatty tissue as fast as possible.

With all the research that has been put to investigate weight loss and fat burn we might be tempted to think that this process no longer holds too many secrets but the truth is that there are still plenty of confusion when it comes to determining the most effective methods to get rid of excess weight and to get rid of some of the fatty tissue that prevents us from having the body we dream of.

One of the biggest mistakes that are made when trying to get rid of fat is trying to achieve our goal by only adopting one of the strategies to lose weight, either only going on a strict diet or simply exercising more. However this is a surefire way to sabotage ourselves and to slow down the process. A combination of good diet strategies combined with a sound and manageable exercise plan remains the most effective way to achieve our goal. Here are a few strategies you can use to burn more fat in a shorter amount of time:

Strength train before doing cardio
Both weight training and cardiovascular exercises are equally important when it comes to burning fat. However, what many people don't know is that combining the two types of exercise is much more effective than doing them separately. Scheduling even a quick 15 minutes weight training session before your regular cardio routine is a great way to boost the efficiency of the workout especially since it takes about 15 minutes for the body to start burning calories. If you are unable to do both of these things at once, don't worry: if you divide your cardio and weight training routine in two sessions throughout the day you can benefit even more as you'll jump start your metabolism twice.

Do slower repetitions
While multiple fast repetitions are a great energy booster and can elevate heart rate almost instantaneously, slower repetitions are sometimes a better choice when it comes to sculpting your muscles. While this principle is well known in strength training, it can apply just as well to other types of exercises such as ab workouts. This way the muscles have to work harder to maintain proper form, thus making the fat burn process a lot more effective.

Have protein rich breakfast
It's a well known fact that the bad habit of skipping breakfast slows down our metabolism, making it harder to lose weight and feel energetic, making it harder to function at maximum capacity and undermining our productivity. A balanced breakfast is the best way to jump start our day and to curb our hunger until lunch time. Protein rich breakfasts are the most effective weapon for boosting metabolism and maintaining a good level of satiety until lunch hours. Protein is essential for muscle build and tissue repair so if you do your exercise routine in the morning make sure you get your protein fix before starting out. Aim to get 25% of your calories from protein sources to maximize fat burn.

Avoid liquid calories
Diet soft drinks are a trap that's easy to fall into: low in calories and satisfying they seem to be every dieter's dream. Apparently however our body is not fooled by this clever trick and seeks to compensate for the calories that were not consumed somewhere else. Intellectually we are also more likely to justify additional snacks or bigger portions due to the calories we saved by switching to a sugar free, low calorie drink. Stick to water are unsweetened tea to banish your thirst.

Try a few metabolism boosting foods
Foods like chilly and cayenne pepper, ginger, apple cider vinegar, cinnamon, green tea or citrus fruits are recognized for their ability to raise the basal metabolic rate. If you feel you've reached a weight loss plateau make sure to include some of these foods and spices to your meals to add variety to your diet without compromising your efforts.

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