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How to Overcome Weight Loss Plateau

Those who are trying to lose weight by strictly following all the essential rules of a healthy weight loss program might be faced with the frustrating problem of reaching a weight loss plateau despite their sustained effort and undeniable commitment. Weight loss plateau is a common problem that can be very discouraging yet it can be easily solved by applying some well thought strategies.

Experiencing weight loss plateau might seem like a proof that your diet as well as your exercise plan are no longer efficient, but this is only partially true. The fact is that weight loss plateau is influenced by various factors. Your metabolism is the most important reason why you reach a weight loss plateau.

Your metabolic rate starts decreasing after a certain period of time especially if you have drastically cut the amount of calories at the beginning of your diet. Another reason for weight loss plateau might be that your exercise routine has become too easy for you. Once the body starts to get used to the amount of effort it has been subjected to, it starts burning less and less calories.
Occasional cheating can also have an impact on weight loss plateau. Fortunately there are plenty solutions to overcome this problem. Here are a few strategies you can try:

Change your exercise routine:Increasing your level of physical activity is a key factor that can help you overcome weight loss plateau. Physical activity should not be restricted to the time you spend at the gym.
Try finding simple ways to sneak more exercise into your daily routine: either take longer walks, take the stares instead of the elevator etc. Also include strength training into your exercise routine or increasing the number of strength training sessions. Strength training can help you build lean muscle while also boosting your metabolism. The key is making your exercise routine more challenging.

Keep a food diary: It's easy to underestimate the number of calories you have consumed by only relying on assumptions. Sometimes it can be easy to lose sight of the hidden calories from salad dressings, sauces and other foods or beverages or to forget counting the calories from an occasional treat.
That's why keeping a detailed food diary can get you closer to your goal by making you more conscious of your food choices.

Vary your calorie intake: While your total weekly calorie should not be modified, varying your daily caloric intake might prove to be a wise idea. This way you will be able to avoid boredom and to increase your basal metabolic rate. Avoid going to extremes and try not to vary the amount of calories by more than 200 calories daily.

Increase your protein intake: Substituting part of the carbohydrates you consume with lean sources of protein might be the answer when trying to overcome weight loss plateau. Protein is essential for burning fat and building muscle as well as being highly effective fur curbing hunger. However, you should make sure that you don't get more than 20% of your daily calorie intake from protein and avoid having snacks that are purely based on carbohydrates.

Eat more: Many people make the mistake of lowering the caloric intake too much and they slow down their metabolism as a result. If you are constantly feeling hungry, sluggish and lack energy then you might have made this mistake.
Try having small, frequent meals and don't be afraid to cheat once in a while. Having a treat once in a while can do wonders to the level of your enthusiasm and can help keep your motivation strong.

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