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Health Benefits of Yogurt

Yogurt has been considered a great and healthy source of vitamins due to it's natural properties. Yogurt processing has made variety possible as yogurt can now have different consistencies and tastes. Find out the main benefits of yogurt consumption so you can convince yourself to include this delicious dairy in your eating routine.

The health benefits of yogurt are absolutely amazing as this simple and plain dairy product can bring protection from different diseases which might affect people throughout the life. A healthy diet is absolutely necessary when trying to ensure the best for our body, mind and organism, and a healthy diet includes a variety of food groups.

How is yogurt obtained

Yogurt has been a part of peoples diet since ancient times as this dairy product is healthy, natural and very easy to obtain. Evolution and the development of different technologies has made the yogurt a delicious treat which is enjoyed by children to elders on a daily basis.
Yogurt can have different tastes and consistencies depending on the manufacturers preference and procedures. The health benefits of the yogurt are not influenced or changed by the yogurts consistency or obtainment procedures.
Yogurt is obtained by adding carefully selected bacteria in the milk. The bacteria starts the fermentation process which leads to the change in the milk's consistency. The lactic acid which forms during this process gives the yogurt the creamy consistency and the sweet-sour taste.
The vitamin content of this delicious and natural dairy product is high and can benefit our health. Calcium, vitamin A, vitamin B are the basic vitamins found in yogurt, vitamins which aid our health.

Health benefits of yogurt

The benefits of yogurt have been proven by scientist through testing so they are not a myth. A regular consumption of yogurt can aid a variety of health problems so make sure to have a yogurt at least once a day. Yogurt is known to:

  • boost the immunity system due to the stimulation of white cells which fight bacteria infections. By stimulating these cells the protection against infection is higher, thus people are less prone to to certain diseases

  • aid against colon cancer development as the ingredients found in yogurt have been found to inhibit the enzymes responsible for the genesis of colon cancer

  • aid the natural vagina flora which protects women against certain infections caused by bacteria

  • aid digestion as yogurt is easier to digest that milk and other foods which can feel heavy after eating

  • aid weight loss as yogurt has a low calorie content but a high content of vitamins

  • inhibit bad breath as it is unappealing. Bad breath is caused by bacteria in our mouth and yogurt can inhibit the bacteria growth

  • Choose plain yogurt as it contains no sugar additives or food colorants. Consume plain yogurt on a regular basis and you will feel much healthier during the day.

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