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Energy Producing Foods

Fatigue and stress are the main diseases of today's society. There is an increasing number of people complaining about the lack of energy. Moreover, they believe that the main remedy for these problems is sleeping. Humans take their energy from food, while energy is released and used in order to develop certain mechanical activities, maintain metabolic activities of certain organs, and encourage the synthesis of chemical substance that store energy. Therefore, the best thing you can do is to adopt a proper, healthy diet and begin consuming energy producing foods.

It is known that fact that there are foods that boost energy by accelerating the metabolism, and others that make you feel rather tired. The best thing a person should do is to include those from the first category into their daily diet. As for vitamins and minerals, vitamins B and C, and minerals such as magnesium, iron and zinc are famous for their energizing properties.

In order to boost our energy is important to eat fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C, like peppers, citrus fruits, mango, papaya, guava, or strawberries. Even if it sounds rather strange, parsley is an essential source of vitamin C. In addition, fruits rich in antioxidants and vitamin E, such as avocado, kiwi, and blueberries, but also Goji berries, pomegranate or cranberry juice, and sprouts represent real energy boosters. Moreover, a tablespoon of honey is the equivalent of one energy drink, acting just like fuel for the muscles.

Fresh vegetables
Fresh vegetables are amazing elements in a person's diet as they contain, in general, the whole B vitamin complex. Moreover, most vegetables are an important source of iron and magnesium, especially green vegetables, like asparagus, broccoli, or spinach. Besides, broccoli also contains Q10 coenzyme, which is a nourishing substance known for producing energy at cellular level. Greens are considered as being vital due to their high content of vitamins, iron, and magnesium. Parsley contains important quantities of vitamin B12 and C. Moreover, it seems that its vitamin C content is higher that in citrus fruits. In consequence, it is more than normal that in certain quantities parsley is more energizing than caffeine.

Fruits represent a category of foods that encourage the energy intake due to their fructose level and their vitamin content. Bananas, apples, and oranges are just some of the fruits that are considered as real energy boosters. Peaches are rich in vitamin C and they have hydrating properties. Also, it is well known the fact that peaches have a laxative effect too. Their property of being easily assimilated by the organism makes them one of the best choices when it comes to producing energy. Eating peaches can regulate the intestinal functions, clean the blood composition, and eliminate the toxins in the organism.

Grapes are rich in magnesium, mineral that is involved in the process of transformation of glucose in the blood into energy. Therefore, due to the high content of magnesium and water, grapes boost energy, eliminating in the same time the toxins in the organism.

Fish and eggs
Proteins are an essential element for producing energy, especially when you want to lose weight. For example, salmon contains proteins and B6 vitamin, and riboflavin, that help converting food into energy. Eggs contain the most complete form of protein, providing 30% of the daily protein intake. Therefore, make sure you don't neglect the importance of eggs in your diet.

Raw seeds and nuts
Seeds are a real source of energy as they are very rich in minerals and proteins. For example, sunflower seeds are rich in B vitamins and they convert glycogen into glucose. On the other hand, nuts are also a very important part in a healthy diet as they contain vitamins A, B and E, calcium, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, and iron. Almonds are incredible energy boosters due to their content of vitamin E, magnesium, vitamin B12, phosphorus, and copper. Magnesium is an important element as it encourages the production of energy, it improves sleep, and relieves stress. Moreover, the proteins and fiber in almonds slow digestion and therefore help regulating energy.

Hot foods
Hot foods such as garlic, ginger, radishes, and peppers are known for boosting metabolism when consumed correctly. Producing energy is so easy with just about one tablespoon of chopped chilies.

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