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4 Ways To Improve Your Eating Habits

As we become more and more aware of impact that a healthy diet can have on our lives we might realize that our current eating habits could use a makeover. While fast radical changes might seem like the answer, for a long term change it is better to start small and gradually build up. Learn 4 ways to improve your eating habits! Here are some of ideas to get you started:

  • Keep a food journal

  • A journal is the perfect tool for making changes in your eating habits because you are becoming more aware of your eating choices.Most of us have a hectic lifestyle and because our attention tends to be divided between so many important project we often eat on the run not being fully aware of the quantity and quality of the foods we ingest.

    That's why keeping a journal is a good first step when it comes to eating healthier. For more impact you could try taking photos of the foods you eat as you might underestimate the amount you ate by only relying on your memory.

  • Choose snacks wisely

  • This is an easy improvement that takes up only a few minutes of your time but can make a world of difference. One of the best moments to prepare your snacks is usually before you go to bed as for most of us this is one of the few moments we can truly relax and make time for ourselves.

    Some ideas of healthy snacks include:plain yoghurt, apples, bananas, oranges, almonds, baby carrots and whole grain crackers. Snacking on fruits can give you a significant amount of healthy antioxidants and vitamins with a modest amount of calories.

  • When eating out try ordering a healthy salad as an appetizer

  • While eating at a restaurant might seem convenient we need to keep in mind that here portions tend to be larger than than the ones we would eat at home thus it becomes easier to overeat.
    Choosing a salad before the main course can help you satisfy your hunger faster and prevent you from overeating. Be aware of salad dressings though, these tend to have a surprising amount of calories so choose them wisely or completely eliminate them.

  • Slow down when eating

  • Slowing down might be by far the easiest way to eat just the right amount of food you need.
    That's because the brain needs about 20 minutes to send the signals of satiety. Eating slower is also important for digestion because chewing food properly helps the stomach to break down food into micro-nutrients more effectively.

    All of these changes are easy to incorporate and don't require a whole lot of adjustments thus making the transition to healthier eating easier and more enjoyable. However if you don't manage to incorporate all these changes right away don't get frustrated, the important thing is that you're taking steps to improve your life and you can rest assured knowing that the results of your actions will eventually be rewarded with higher levels of energy and your life quality will greatly improve.

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